• American citizens cite halitosis as the least interesting characteristic a work-mate can have? Be more favored round the water cooler–brush after lunch.
  • Cap the toothpaste although not the brush. Covering the brush can trap moisture and inspire bacteria expansion.  (Gross, huh?)
  • The average female grins about 62 times each day, while the average male grins only eight times. Ladies are also likelier to clean their pearly whites and visit the dentist frequently. Think there could be a connection here?
  • MacGyver claims dental floss works very well as a cake cutter, temporary clothesline, picture hangers, replacement fishing line and lots more. Our favorite use for dental floss?  Cleaning your teeth! Nice invention!
  • Dental floss has played a part in several tried jail breaks, used as everything from a rope to a chainsaw. None have achieved success. We suggest sticking to its original use—flossing.
  • Bottled water does not contain the tooth-decay fighting fluoride, which is added to most community water supplies. Ditch the bottle and drink from the tap.
  • Saliva helps you eat by breaking apart particles of food and cleaning your mouth later. The regular person produces ten thousand gallons of spit over their lifetime (no information as to how much winds up as spitballs).