It’s a myth that most of us buy into:  Once you’re past your teens, you don’t have to worry much about tooth decay anymore.

Actually, once you’re an adult, you should worry more. For grownups, decay can have greater, more serious  consequences.

And because most people over 50 have some form of tooth decay.

The problem for adults is that cavities can occur along the gumline, as gums recede from age. Cavities are caused when the sticky film of bacteria, plaque, that coats our teeth is fed by sugars and starches in the food we eat.  The bacteria generate acids that break down tooth enamel, causing decay.

When gums recede, tooth roots can become exposed.

These roots are covered with cementum, a softer tissue than enamel, and therefore more susceptable to decay.  Adults can also find that they have problems with cavities around the edges of fillings, where crevasses can form and trap plaque.

So as you get older, it’s just as important–if not more so–to brush properly, floss, and have regular cleanings and checkups.

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