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Your big day is coming up, and you want your smile to be as white as your dress. Wedding “smile makeovers” are becoming more and more common, for brides AND often whole wedding parties.newlywed couple standing with their parents

Even if you’re down to the last minute, there are a number of things that can still be done to make your smile brighter. Charlotte Dentistry® offers both in-office and at-home whitening systems.

The Zoom! in-office whitening method is one of the most efficient ways to get a bright, white smile. Zoom! works in 60 minutes and last longer than at home whitening treatments, depending on your eating or drinking habits. Zoom! has been proven to whiten teeth as much as 6-8 shades with just one treatment.

If you’d prefer a whitening treatment you can do at home, then we offer Sheer White. Sheer White uses thin, flexible films that apply easily and mold to your teeth, staying in place. This film molds tightly and applies the whitening agent directly to the surface of the tooth, unlike over-the-counter treatments that can wash out or leak.  Both systems are fast, painless, and a great way to get good results!

If you’d like to make bigger changes to your smile, here are some other options:
Veneers can be used to give you a white smile AND fix significant imperfections and gaps. For smaller issues, cosmetic contouring can reshape teeth and update your smile. And if you’ve got a longer timeframe before the wedding, some brides have even opted for braces to make permanent improvements that they can enjoy anniversary after anniversary.

So it might be a good idea to include a smile makeover on your wedding checklist, to make your day even more special. For advice on what are the best options for you, call for an appointment or use the “Contact Us” feature on our website to schedule an appointment.


Taquana “Tabby” Sears, a Charlotte Dentistry® patient, has agreed to share her Invisalign® experience with us on a regular basis. For the last several months, she’s given us reports on how she’s doing with Invisalign® invisible braces, including ups and downs. Below is her latest blog entry.

Dr. Armstrong has stated from the very beginning, that canines can be very stubborn. Well, he was right! My canine (tooth #11), is definitely taking its time!

This week, I picked up trays 1-3 out of a set of 12. That’s right—no typo—12 new trays.  I have a new set of 12 for this one stubborn tooth. So, it looks like we have another 6 months to go. The ride continues. It looks like my 18-month Invisalign ride has been extended to 2 years.

No complaints here though! I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

My sister completed her Invisalign treatment earlier this year. Her orthodontist gave her all her trays up front. I couldn’t understand why Dr. Armstrong and Charlotte Dentistry only gave me 3 trays at a time. But now I know why.

Having all the trays up front can make it tempting to change the trays sooner than every 2 weeks to get faster results. If your teeth move too fast, it can cause root damage. I don’t want root damage, so have followed—and continue to follow—the doctor’s orders and wear each tray for the full 2 weeks.

During this ride, I have become much more disciplined in my oral health. I am very diligent about flossing and brushing after every meal. I also brush my trays before I put them back in my mouth. Keeping a clean, healthy mouth is very important especially when wearing Invisalign. Invisalign fits your teeth like a glove. So, if your teeth are not clean, it is easier for bacteria to grow, which can create cavities (not to mention bad breath.)

So the road to my beautiful smile just got a little longer. However, I’m so excited to see the end result!

I hope you all continue to follow my ongoing Invisalign ride! I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Sadly, the summer is over and it’s time to return to school. There are lots of things to consider and plan for:students classes to choose, fashion selections, extracurricular activities—and what career possibilities to begin considering. Because what you do in high school does have an impact on your career choice options.

Here’s some food for thought: Have you ever thought of a career in dentistry? It’s profitable. It’s recession proof. And it can change the lives of people you treat.

Today dentistry offers many exciting opportunities such as private practice, hospital setting, teaching dentistry, or dental research. The military offers the luxury of traveling the world and helping others with their dental health.

Intrigued? Click here for more details from the ADA about dentistry as a career. And Charlotte Dentistry® welcomes questions about our profession from young people (and their parents). Make a list and bring in with your next checkup. We’ll be glad to provide answers.
Or you can visit the “Ask the Expert” page on our website to get answers. We’ll also be doing more blogs about this topic in the future, so stay tuned!

Men's healthWe’ve discussed women’s special dental health requirements, and while men don’t have the same hormone-based issues as women, they do need to know some important things about their dental health.

The first is simple: Most men need to go to their dentists more often.

Men are much more likely to neglect their teeth and gums than women, often avoiding going to the dentist for years, and ONLY going when they have a problem they can’t attempt to solve themselves. On average most men will lost 5.4 teeth by the time they’re 72. If they’re smokers, the average is 12 teeth.

And it’s not just teeth to be concerned about. Inflammation of the gums from tartar and plaque can lead to gingivitis and other periodontal health issues. Even more serious is the evidence that suggests that oral inflammation may even be a contributor to heart disease.

So, if you’re a male and you’re coming to the realization that maybe you should take better care of your teeth, here’s what you should do:

  1. Schedule a checkup, even if you haven’t gone to the dentist in years. Your dentist knows the statistics and probably won’t give you a lecture. He or she will just be glad to see you.
  2. Brush. And floss. Or think about spending a little more time on them.
  3. Don’t wait until that funny feeling in your tooth feels more like a jackhammer that’s on fire. We know you’re tough. We’d just prefer you be tough with teeth.

Call Charlotte Dentistry® today to schedule a checkup, or you can do it online at You can also use the “Ask The Expert” feature on our website to get answers to your questions.

Taquana “Tabby” Sears, a Charlotte Dentistry® patient, has agreed to share her Invisalign® experience with us on a regular basis. For the last several months, she’s given us reports on how she’s doing with Invisalign®, including ups and downs. Below is her latest blog entry.

I hoped on this visit that I would be completely finished with my Invisalign treatment.  But I’m not quite there yet.

I learned that one of my upper teeth—number 11—is being very stubborn. New upper trays are needed to move this tooth into proper alignment. AlignerMy bottom teeth are perfect, so I’m very happy about that.
In the past, to get new trays, the dentist would have to take messy, putty like impressions of my teeth (that sometime make you gag). But time it was different—and really cool!

Charlotte Dentistry has a great new piece of equipment, the iTero Digital Impression machine. It takes 3-D images of my teeth. As the pictures are taken, they appear on a computer screen and even tell the operator if the tooth or area needs to be re-scanned.  It built a 3D model of my teeth right before my eyes!

VERY high-tech.

And the accuracy of the models made from these 3-D images is better than regular impressions. The new trays should arrive in 4 weeks. So the Invisalign ride goes on…..

Dr. Armstrong did some smoothing and shaping of a few teeth and also provided bleaching solution and instructions on how to use it. Now I will have a BRIGHT white, straight smile!

The Charlotte Dentistry team and Dr. Armstrong have made my Invisalign journey a wonderful experience. I’m so pleased with the result so far. I can hardly wait to see the finished product – MY beautiful smile!

I’m always glad to share my experience so if you’re considering orthodontics, drop me a line!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome affects more than one million Americans, many of them undiagnosed.  The clinical definition of CFS is severe fatigue lasting six or more months with other causes excluded by diagnosis.

If you suspect that you or someone you know is suffering from CFS, only a medical professional can make an accurate diagnosis, typically after ruling out a number of other potential Fatiguecauses.  The disease can be quite debilitating and adversely affect the patient’s quality of life, so a proper diagnosis is essential.

CFS can create a variety of dental issues, including jaw pain and dry mouth, which can lead to tooth decay.  In addition, the medications used to treat CFS can contribute to other oral conditions.  It is especially important for people diagnosed with CFS to take good care of their teeth.

Dentists accommodate patients with CFS by making sure checkups are scheduled when the patient’s energy level is high enough to manage the treatment, and the dentist will consult closely with the patient’s physician on treatments such as oral surgery that require extra recovery time and care.

Have further questions about CFS and dental health?  Use the “Ask The Expert” feature of our website to get answers.

Tabby SearsTaquana “Tabby” Sears, a Charlotte Dentistry® patient, has agreed to share her Invisalign® experience with us on a regular basis. For the last several months, she’s given us reports on how she’s doing with Invisalign®, including ups and downs. Below is her latest blog entry.

I am pleased to say I picked up my last 3 trays during my last dental visit.  So, my 18-month Invisalign® ride is coming into the home stretch. It looks like I have just about 6 weeks left!

This has been an incredible ride! It has been a joy seeing my smile change with each set of trays. I’m so pleased when I look in the mirror at how straight my smile has become.

Through this journey, I’ve learned some valuable things about my teeth and myself.  I’ve learned to be disciplined in my choices.  No matter how much I wanted to remove my trays during the day, remembering they’re not working if they’re not in my mouth, made me more willing to keep them in my mouth as much as possible!  AND the results show that it does work.

I’ve learned to make healthier, smarter choices about the foods I eat.  I hardly ever snack on “junk food” during the day. The sugary beverages are gone. Did you realize that drinking a soft drink was the equivalent of giving your teeth a sugar bath?!? The Invisalign® trays fit snugly so it’s very important to stay away from sugary snacks and drinks. No one wants cavities!

As I move thru these last 3 trays, I feel really good about my smile and what Invisalign® and Charlotte Dentistry® has accomplished for me. Remember, follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong!

Got questions, drop me a line and I’ll respond promptly. Or Ask The Expert HERE

Your child’s mouth is a dynamic place.

From infancy, new teeth start appearing.  And as your child grows older, baby teeth are routinely in the process of being replaced by permanent ones.  It’s an interesting—and intricate—dental ballet.Kids Smiling

But what happens if the natural pattern gets disrupted by losing a baby tooth early to decay or accident?  Because teeth are in motion, a missing baby tooth may cause a permanent tooth to come in crooked, crowding other teeth and creating problems.

That’s where space maintainers come in.  If your child loses a tooth early, the dentist may elect to install a space maintainer—a band or temporary crown attached to one side of the empty space.  This device helps keep the empty space open until the permanent tooth begins to erupt, ensuring that it has room to develop.

Installing a space maintainer is a simple procedure, as is removing it.  If your child has lost a tooth early, it’s wise to consult with your dentist to see if a maintainer may be necessary to avoid problems.

If you have questions, feel free to use the “Ask the Expert” feature or our website, or call us at any time at 704.376.6470

It’s something most of us consider routine—getting our teeth cleaned professionally at the dentist’s office twice a year.  “But I Am Very Good About Brushing AND Flossing At Least Twice A Day“. And if you are very conscientious about brushing and flossing, “What’s Really So Important About A Professional Cleaning” you might ask?

Well there are several answers to that question. First: Even people who are very good at brushing and flossing, typically can’t remove everything from their teeth. And plaque usually starts building up at the gum line, where it can do the most damage. Professional cleanings helps remove these small deposits before they start irritating the gums and causing larger problems like gingivitis, which can cause significant complications if left untreated.

The second big value of professional cleaning: Is that it also is a way for your dentist to diagnose problems early on, before they become painful or costly.  A small cavity, crack, or chip is usually no big deal if caught quickly enough.  Remember, your teeth need to last you decades, and that’s a lot of wear and tear!  Regular checkups can help make sure you keep the teeth God gave you for life.

And the third reason for professional cleanings is obvious: You look better afterward!  Your teeth can be whiter, your smile brighter, combine those together and it will help build your confidence to take on the world.  Charlotte Dentistry® offers whitening methods that can give you the brightest smile possible.

So, do you have an appointment for your next cleaning?  If you don’t and your already a patient then click HERE to set one up.

If Your Not a Patient and are Looking for a Dentist, You wont find any better than the ones working at Charlotte Dentistry®! We are NOW Offering a New Patient Special! Just click on the Link HERE to get started!

A good plan is to schedule BOTH your cleanings for the year, at the beginning of the year. This also ensures that you use all your annual dental insurance preventative benefits.

Taquana “Tabby” Sears, a Charlotte Dentistry® patient, has agreed to share her Invisalign® experience with us on a regular basis. For the last several months, she’s given us reports on how she’s doing with Invisalign®, including ups and downs. Below is her latest blog entry.

At this week’s dental visit, I picked up refinement trays four through six.  These trays are the “fine point-finishing touch” trays to my treatment. This set has a total of nine trays, so I will be picking up the last trays at my next visit.

My predicted Invisalign® journey was to be 18 months. If all goes well, my journey will be completed in 15 months. I guess hard work really does pays off!

I have been diligent about wearing my trays at least 20 hours per day.  I always say, the trays will not work if they are not in your mouth—so wear them as often as you can.

I will say this: these refinement trays have been a breeze. I have had little to no discomfort when changing trays. They are a little tight, but definitely not unbearable. I pray my next few trays are the same way.

So, my treatment time is moving right along! My teeth are moving better than predicted. And provided my teeth keep moving as we would like, I could be done by mid-May!

And, when I look in the mirror I’m really pleased with the smile looking back as me. I can’t wait to see my “finished” smile!

Please continue to follow my 18 month Invisalign® ride! I’ve learned a lot about myself and my teeth and INVISALIGN®. Got questions? Send them my way for a quick reply.

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